), literally translating to This, this and that (who, how, what - why, why and why - those who don't ask stay dumb!). Weitere Angebote, Produkte und Unternehmen der mh:n MEDIEN, Wie die „Sesamstraße“ nach Deutschland kam. Nearly a decade later, beginning in 1984, a number of the dubbed episodes were reaired under the title, "Ein Wiedersehen mit Bibo und Oskar" (A reunion with Big Bird and Oscar. Elmo macht Sport. April 1971 diejenigen, die wichtig waren – die Kinder. From 1978 to 1988, the fact that the street stories took place in a studio was never kept a secret. Alle weiteren Inhalte auf unserer Webseite und in unserer App stehen Ihnen dann ebenfalls zur Verfügung. Samson in his hammock with Bibo, as well as... ...Bibo with Tiffy on episode 750 (1980). In 2000, the cast expanded anew. Hier gibt es viel zum Staunen und Entdecken! The additions to the puppet cast were Feli Filu (2000-2007) the Monster reporter, the comic duo Pferd the horse (2002-present) and Wolle the sheep (2002-present), as well as a few recurring grouches, and some Anything Muppets. Sketch actors (years are production dates), Ernie and Bert, slowly making their way into the cast of the show, Kevin Clash can be spotted in the background behind Bert, Samson, Rumpel and Axel Schulz presenting the UNICEF check, The expanded cast of German Muppets with their American friends. While the set offered Tiffy a new apartment-like living room in the coming years, it still featured Samson's cave in which he had lived in prior to the set change. Peter Alexander präsentiert Spezialitäten, NDR Radiophilharmonie mit Ernie, Bert und Samson, Unsere Geschichte: Als die Sesamstrasse nach Deutschland kam, 40 Jahre Sesamstrasse - Die Geburtstags-Show, https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sesamstrasse, Sesame Workshop Blog - Sesamstrasse Celebrates 40th Anniversary, http://www.altonaermuseum.de/altonaer-museum/ausstellungen/vorschau/ansicht.html?uniqid=4616, https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/Sesamstrasse?oldid=1373397, New Year's Day 2013 also brought a new 45-minute documentary airing on NDR, titled, On January 31, 2013, Ernie and Bert paid a visit to, The Hamburg-based exhibition opened with a live appearance by Ernie on May 14, 2013 and will run through March 16, 2014. After her short-lived Sesame career, she got her own (ALF-like) show called "Leonie Löwenherz" on ARD, featuring herself, her two lion brothers and a few human characters. Variety shows like Peter Alexander präsentiert Spezialitäten in 1975 promoted the show by stopping by the original US set, and taping special footage. von dpa Die liebenswerten Puppen aus der „Sesamstraße“ stießen bei ihrer Ankunft in Deutschland vor 50 Jahren auf Widerstand. The exception to air the program was Germany's most southern state of Bavaria, where the local TV station felt that the Sesame Street set was too gritty to suit German children, and consequently had to develop its own children's programming called Das feuerrote Spielmobil (The fire-red Play-mobile). Trauer During the early years of this era, older puppets were re-used for new characters such as Simson (on and off in 1986-1998), Samson's cousin; with slight changes being made to his appearance (equipped with a hat, a tie, etc.). One-shot characters include for example Super Franky, Grouchella, Knut Köffelström, Turbo Theo, Sinan, as well as a whole slew of wolves, chickens and other creatures. Global gesehen sind dagegen Ernie und Bert, das Krümelmonster, Graf Zahl, Grobi und Elmo in den Köpfen, wenn der Titel der Vorschulreihe «Sesamstraße» fällt. As more and more previously used Muppets were borrowed from Sesame Workshop, more secondary characters evolved in their own sketches, such as the green Wolf vom Wörtersee in 2007. | The puppets were rebuilt in 1989 with significant changes. Since these stories did not take place on a street, the show's title was temporarily rendered incomprehensible. Sesamstrasse was the third co-production of Sesame Street outside the United States. Since then, Sesamstrasse has been visited by the most diverse cast of supporting Muppets than any other international version. Impressum Sesamstrasse fans divide the series between the Studio Episodes and the Bicycle Shop Episodes in the same way that American fans talk about the pre-Elmo days. In mehr als 150 Ländern erreichte die Kindersendung mit ihren Puppen kleine Fans - oft mit lokal angepassten Ablegern. Tiffy and Samson were slightly remodeled for the first time for these episodes. (One episode about Samson trying to scratch an annoying flea ends with the entire studio crew itching!) : Bert, Grobi, Ernie, Samson, Elmo, Pferd, Wolle, Wolf, Finchen und das Krümelmonster ELMO aus der Sesamstraße Beginning in 2008, the show was shot in high definition. Finchen has also had his fair share of fabric surgery. For the show's 40th anniversary, Elmo was introduced as a resident on the street, appearing in a tree house setting as the new host of the show. In mehr als 150 Ländern erreichte die Kindersendung mit ihren Puppen kleine Fans - oft mit lokal angepassten Ablegern. AGB Darunter sind auch Staaten wie China, Nigeria und Afghanistan. Established characters such as Cookie Monster and Grover make guest appearances. Lilo, Uwe, Horst and Ute with Finchen, Uli von Bödefeld, Samson and Tiffy (1983). Die Vorschulreihe „Sesamstraße“ gehört zum Fernsehen in Deutschland wie „Die Sendung mit der Maus“, die „Tagesschau“ und der „Tatort“. Bettina #2, Opa Brass, Schorsch, Helmi, Jivana, and Mucke with Rumpel, Samson, Buh, Tiffy, and Finchen. The first three seasons, or 250 episodes of Sesamstrasse consisted of the original American episodes dubbed to German in Hamburg. In 1988, the studio set and original puppets were destroyed in a fire. In 2005, after a 27-year presence on the show, Tiffy was replaced with single mom Moni (2005-2007) and her pink and furry daughter Lena (2005-2009). Sesamstrasse intro and outro - 2008 to 2012. The show's intro and end credits from 2010 to 2012. Außerdem versucht Grobi, eine Hantel zu heben. Samson (bear), Tiffy (pink bird), Finchen (snail), Buh (owl), Feli Filu (blue monster), and Rumpel the Grouch with Gustav (caterpillar). In 2006, German audience's long-time favorites Ernie and Bert began appearing regularly in newly produced German segments. April 2021, 11:50 Uhr. In the following years more characters were added to the German street scenes, such as the German-built, androgynous Uli von Bödefeld (Uli is short for Ulrich), also called Herr von Bödefeld (1978-1988), and Finchen the Snail (1979-1983, 1989-present). In recent years the courtyard slowly transitioned into an entire marketplace, a common social center for German towns and even city districts. 03. Instead a courtyard was added, and new characters were introduced: Rumpel the Grouch (1989-2008), living inside a water barrel, and Buh the owl (1989-2000), housed inside a hollow tree. But from 2007 onwards, the American material has been used less and less, so that by today an average Sesamstrasse episode only contains two or three American produced sketches. Global gesehen sind dagegen Ernie und Bert, das Krümelmonster, Graf Zahl, Grobi und Elmo in den Köpfen, wenn der Titel der Vorschulreihe „Sesamstraße“ fällt. Global gesehen sind dagegen Ernie und Bert, das Krümelmonster, Graf Zahl, Grobi und Elmo in den Köpfen, wenn der Titel der Vorschulreihe «Sesamstraße» fällt. The slightly altered exhibition is running under the title, Starting December 25, 2013 (Christmas Day), KIKA aired, Beginning with the new opening sequence and launch of its, In November 2017, another spin-off premiered its three pilot episodes on KIKA following the first spin-off show. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Remarkable is that Caroll Spinney did not just perform the character to be dubbed later, but also provided his voice in German, resulting in Bibo having a noticeable American accent. )[1] Each episode was repackaged to begin with an animated intro of the aforementioned characters with their episode number, which did not match the original episode numbers as they were presented out of order. In 2003 the German co-production's 30th anniversary was celebrated with a press conference and boxer Axel Schulz, Ernie, Bert and Elmo (performed by Kevin Clash) in attendance, as the show gave a donation of € 12,271.00 to UNICEF. The show's intro and end credits from 2006. For the 36th season, the two moved into their own apartment on Sesamstrasse, above new human character Frau Kowalski, commenting on the street events from their balcony. The opening for this episode, that aired on January 26, 1985, can be seen here; special guest host Big Bird does not appear in it. Uwe and Lilo with Samson, Uli von Bödefeld, and Tiffy (ca. For decades the show used to consist of around 50 percent of American material, like most international co-productions of Sesame Street. In 2011, more segments were produced to air both as standalone segments outside the show, and within: Ernie & Bert Songs and Ernie & Bert Märchensongs. Sesamstrasse ("Sesamstraße" in German) is the international version of Sesame Street in Germany. Ernie (r) und Bert - Stars der „Sesamstraße“. Mediadaten. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the show in 2003. Und Krümelmonster nimmt an einem Wettkampf teil. Instead a new framing story was created, following the antics of a boy named Bumfidel and his mother. The new set was centered around the new bicycle shop that was introduced in 1986, but the street stories no longer took place in a studio set. Ernie and Bert appeared on a regular episode that year, as well as on the show's 30th anniversary TV-special. Most obvious were changes in the first main characters Samson and Tiffy (as can be seen here for Samson 1978-2000 and Tiffy Through the Years). Ernie und Bert möchten gesund bleiben, Elmo und Pferd treiben Sport. Leonie Löwenherz (Leonie Lionheart in English), a female lion (1986-1989), was featured for a very short time before and after the set and puppets were destroyed in the fire. In 1977, a German street set was built at Studio Hamburg for German framing stories. In mehr als 150 Ländern errei... Schließen Sie jetzt den kostenfreien Probemonat ab (anschließend 7,90 €/Monat), um diesen Artikel zu lesen. For the first few episodes that his name was mentioned, Simson was only imagined by Samson and other characters doubted his existence, similarly to as it happened with Snuffy on Sesame Street when he was only being seen by Big Bird. Each episode featured the new puppets interacting with a pair of human characters; consistently one male, one female. Triff Ernie und Bert, Krümelmonster, Wolle und Pferd, Elmo, Grobi und alle deine Freunde aus der Sesamstraße! Sesamstrasse ("Sesamstraße" in German) is the international version of Sesame Street in Germany. After a short test run of a few original, undubbed Sesame Street episodes in 1972, the German version of the show premiered on January 8, 1973. Samson the bear (1978-2012) and Tiffy the bird (1978-2005) replaced Big Bird (Bibo) and Oscar the Grouch (Oskar der Griesgram) as main characters, and the new version debuted on January 2, 1978. Hamburg/Berlin | Millionen deutsche Kinder der 70er und 80er Jahre denken an Tiffy, Samson und Herrn von Bödefeld, an Lilo Pulver, Uwe Friedrichsen, Horst Janson und Ilse Biberti. immo-norden.de The show's opening from the Marketplace era. job-norden.de Sesamstrasse's 30-minute episodes can also be seen on ARD's children programming affiliate KI.KA. The early puppets were built by Kermit Love; nowadays Jim Henson's New York Workshop builds the puppets for Sesamstrasse (under appointment of Sesame Workshop). The matting also allowed the characters to show up in different locations, like a beach, a small deserted island that would be surrounded by an entire ocean through the snap of one's fingers, a nearby train station, or the roof of the studio. Global gesehen sind dagegen Ernie und Bert, das Krümelmonster, Graf Zahl, Grobi und Elmo in den Köpfen, wenn der Titel der Vorschulreihe "Sesamstraße" fällt. New characters include a female friend to Elmo, played by Julia Stinshoff, and Susi Schraube, an inventive girl who appears in a series of new stop-motion segments. Auto Samson, Tiffy, and Finchen in Sesame Street Stays Up Late. | Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the show in 2012. Other anniversary events include: Melvin Ming with Lutz Marmor and Bert, Cookie Monster and Ernie at Sesamstrasse's 40th birthday party on January 7th, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany. The most controversial moment of this early period was a film showing the unconcealed birth of a human baby. Oder kostenlos bis zu drei Artikel in 30 Tagen lesen, Kontakt Sesamstrasse was the third co-production of Sesame Street outside the United States. Die Figuren aus der "Sesamstraße" v.l. Doch ihr Start in der Bundesrepublik war bedächtig. The new season debuted on October 1, 2012, with the special birthday themed episode airing on the anniversary date of January 8, 2013. In January 2012, Sesamstrasse stopped airing on ARD, but the show continues to be broadcast on KI.KA. The title of the German theme song is Der, die, das (wer, wie, was – wieso, weshalb, warum – wer nicht fragt, bleibt dumm!